Our Story

We are Videographers. We are Photographers.

A few years ago, we took the plunge – we went full time. Scary, but crazy fun.

As time passed, business grew, and one spreadsheet turned into five. Turned into 8. Turned into 9 spreadsheets and some sticky notes. Turned into 9 spreadsheets, sticky notes, and a few binders.

You see where this is going.

We needed something to get us organized. Keep us on track. Hold all Client information, Gigs, contact info, schedules, dates, important things, etc.

StudioAlfred was born.

We built it for us. And, we bet you’re a lot like us. You probably have more to do than hours in the day. Probably have a few hundred details to remember, important dates to not forget, and… what was that mother of the bride’s name?

Don’t worry.¬†We understand. We were there. Now, we’re StudioAlfred.