Leads – Notes

February 11, 2015 Tutorial

You have a lead on the phone (nice work, by the way), and they are telling you all kinds of important information…how do you save it?

Notes, my friend. Notes.

Go to Leads in the menu bar, and select Open Leads from the dropdown. Find and click on your Lead in the scroll window. Now, a series of tabs will pop up on the right side of the screen – one that says Notes. Click it.

This will be your new best friend. Feel free to put anything here (you have to click the New button to actually leave a Note). This is where you can stash every conversation you have with the Lead, Potential Client, Client – this information will carry forward to the Gig and to the Project.

For example, if you are talking with a Bride and they mention that they LOVE black and white photos, you can put that here in their notes. Weeks later, if they book, this information will stay with their account and move forward to the Gig and the Project. Months later, when you’re editing their photos, you’ll see this note under their Project, you’ll toss a bunch of their photos in black and white, and you’ll look like a super hero.