StudioAlfred Live

February 10, 2015 Updates

Alright – it’s here.

We’ve been messing around with this thing forever, and we are final ready for lift off.

Ok, arguably, we’ve had a testing company use StudioAlfred exclusively for day to day operations (and they’ve been kicking some serious… well, you get the idea). They’ve helped us work out a few of the bugs, and get everything ready to rock.

For starters, here’s what we have lined up:

Lead Management

  • Enter Sales Leads
  • Save Lead notes, follow up information, package information, quotes, etc.


  • Convert booked Leads over to Gigs
  • Track Gigs on your calendar
  • Assignments: assign team members to Gigs, and send notifications
  • Documents: upload agreements, schedules, worksheets, etc.
  • Production Logs: leave production notes – remember what happened at the Gig


  • Finished Gigs convert to Projects
  • Keep track of Project status, and where the media files for each project areĀ (hard drives, cloud, etc.)
  • Status Updates: Track how complete each Project is, get an idea of where you are in your workload -> this will tell you if things are stacking up before you fall 2 months behind
  • Shipping: Store shipping information, including addresses and tracking numbers
  • Twitter: Update twitter with your progress – keep your Clients informed and happy


  • Track revisions, status, notes, and shipping information

Team Member Management

  • Keep important Team Member information
  • Save Team Member availability and GigĀ calendars

We have lots of other awesome features in store, and rolling out over the next few months. Stay in touch!